MSI Immerse GH70 RGB Cuffie Gaming con Microfono 7.1 USB Nero - Black

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MSI Immerse Gaming Headsets are designed to provide an excellent audio experience for gamers. Notice your opponents with crystal clear sound before you see them or close your eyes and enjoy your favorite music in unique sound quality. Please note: The manufacturer's warranty of the item includes all defects that arise within the warranty period and were not caused by you.




The Gaming MSI Immerse headset series is designed to provide users with the most immersive experience possible. Feel enemies before being seen with crystal clear audio, or close your eyes and listen to your favorite songs like you've never heard them before.

Discover the essence of sound

Hi-Res certification ensures the highest possible sound quality when playing video games, games, movies and music. Incredibly accurate details and top sound quality ensure the most immersive sound experience.

Surround Sound 7.1 Virtual

Imagine being able to hear the enemy's slightest movements before you can see them. Many of today's competitive games use audio positioning as an effective way to get information about what's happening around you.

1 Year Brand Warranty

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