Roushun Natural Plant Essence Olives Oil Set

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To get the most out of the treatment of diseased hair, use the same olive oil shampoo and conditioner. Roushun Professional Hair Care Line  provides luxurious salon care, skin cell rejuvenation and hair root fortification.

Roushun  Natural  Plant  Olives        shampoo gently and gently cleanses the scalp, bringing light freshness and a pleasant floral scent to the hair. How the shampoo works:

- intensively nourishes, moisturizes and softens;

- saturates the scalp with biologically active components;

- prevents progressive hair loss;

- helps to eliminate dandruff, dryness and itching;

- fills hair with strength, shine and strength;

- activates blood circulation in the scalp;

- stimulates active hair growth;

Natural  Plant  Olives        Hair Conditioner is perfect for dull and thinning hair, providing its roots with vital elements. It perfectly complements and fixes the therapeutic effect of the shampoo:

- creates additional volume;

- protects against the harmful effects of external factors;

- retains moisture in each hair;

- facilitates the process of combing;

- prevents hair from tangling;

- does not electrify and does not weigh down;

-Hair Shampoo – 400ML

-Hair Conditioner – 220ML

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