Why Boobree

Personalized E-commerce

Personalized shopping space is one of the next big trends needs to happen in e-commerce. Since customers now have so much at their fingertips, we need to weed through everything. At Boobree.com we are trying our level best to meet the promise of both on-site and off-site personalization, and hence to deliver an unparalleled customer experience.

100% Genuine Products

At Boobree.com, we pride ourselves on the authenticity of our products. Every item in our store is genuine, 100% vendor sourced & brand new (Otherwise it will be clearly mentioned in the product description). We also fully support consumer protection rights.

Value-Based Pricing

We don’t believe in Cost-Plus Pricing Strategy or Competitor-Based Pricing. Rather we firmly believe Value-Based Pricing is the only true win-win scenario for you and your customer. Value-Based Pricing ensures that our customers feel happy paying the price for the value they are getting. Pricing according to the value the customer sees in our product prevents us from short-changing ourselves while creating an experience for customers that most aligned with their expectations.

After-Sales Support

Boobree.com believes it is essential to establish a relationship with our customers beyond the transaction. So we offer you total after-sales support, just like regular stores. Now you can buy with complete peace of mind, knowing that your purchases are covered by our comprehensive support and warranty policies.

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