Love Jojo 99% Smoothing Gel

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It has a powerful moisturizing effect, relieves irritation, flaking and redness, promotes overall recovery and healing.

Aloe gel accelerates the regeneration of skin cells, improves blood circulation and is used for any type of skin:
- moisturizes, softens, protects dry and normal; - soothes, relieves stress from the sensitive;
- opens and cleanses pores, relieves inflammation, heals acne in oily and problem skin;
- revitalizes and improves the elasticity of mature skin.

Recommended by cosmetologists for moisturizing and protecting the skin of the face and body during prolonged exposure to the sun.
Methods of application:
1. As a moisturizing cream or mask. Different oils can be added to the gel and applied to the face. It nourishes the skin with moisture, soothes, removes irritation and flaking, smoothes and gives extraordinary softness.
2. As a moisturizing makeup base.
3. Like an aftershave cream. Perfectly soothes sensitive skin and intensely moisturizes.
4. As a regenerating hair mask. Simply apply the gel to your hair and rinse off after 10 minutes. You will get moisturized, soft and manageable curls.
5. As a moisturizing and soothing eye mask. Apply the gel to cotton pads, place it on your eyes for a few minutes.
6. As a regenerating essence for hands and nails. Apply the cream to your hands and cuticle area for soft, soft skin and healthy nails.
7. As a body care gel. Perfectly moisturizes and protects the skin, relieves irritation, removes flaking, skin tightness and discomfort. The skin becomes smooth and extraordinarily soft.
8. Help with sunburn. Apply the gel to the affected area for 15 minutes.
Volume: 260ml
For all skin types.

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