Love Jojo Whitening Face Cream

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BEAUTY BUFFET SCENTIO MILK PLUS Whitening Q10 Facial Foam (100ml)
The Thailand skin care brand SCENTIO has launched a variety of signature skin care products and gained high popularity. The most popular product of the brand is the MILK PLUS series, which are also very welcomed by the travelers.

The Whitening Q10 Facial Foam of MILK PLUS Series, contains rich hydrolyzed milk protein, coenzyme Q10, vitamin E, glycerin , aloe vera extract, jojoba oil and centella essence, to moisturize and lock in water while cleansing the skin, at the same time, to provide antioxidant effect and enhance cell viability, to prevent skin aging, leaving skin clean, soft, youthful and moisturized.

Product Features:
- Moisturizing and whitening: Contains hydrolyzed milk protein, milk essence, vitamin E, aloe vera extract, jojoba oil and centella essence, to nourish and brighten complexion, and increase softness and suppleness of skin.
- Antioxidant: Both Coenzyme Q10 and vitamin E have excellent anti-oxidant effect, help to delay cell aging, infuse vitality and increase skin elasticity.
- Refreshing: This foam thoroughly washes away old surface cells, melanin, impurities and remaining makeup, provides a good start to a clear, even and brighter complexion, leaves the skin soothed and comfortable.


How To Use

Morning and evening, take an appropriate amount of the product and make lather on hands.
Rub gently on the face and rinse off with water.


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